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Champagne Charlier & Fils


Talk about a chêne reaction...

Charlier & Fils Champagne has a feature that is now unique in Champagne: it is one of the last two houses to store its entire range in big barrels, or foudres, hence the name "foudres de chêne" (chêne meaning oak).

During your visit, you will cross the "foudrerie" with its 57 huge barrels lying side by side, some of which are hand-carved...

You'll hear all about Champagne production, from the wine press to the finished bottle, and you'll also get an overview of traditional working methods with a Champagne region museum.

You are also sure to appreciate the "Tonneau de dégustation" (tasting barrel), the only one in France that you can actually enter for the tasting.

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Champagne Charlier & Fils
4, rue des Pervenches "Aux Foudres du Chêne"