Balades en Barque L'Eau'dyssée CHALONS-EN-CHAMPAGNE


Balades en Barque L'Eau'dyssée


O sole mio...

A beautiful half-timbered house, Quai des Arts, flowers in springtime, you feel like you're entering an artist's studio... but this place is actually home to the Tourist Office.

Another artist who'll really blow you away with the variety of suggestions for walks and activities on offer!

Valuable tips to guide you, for example in the heart of "Sparkling Venice", between the Mau and the Nau that cross the city, on lovely small boats, night or day, for a traditional or themed tour, local gondoliers as well...

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Balades en Barque L'Eau'dyssée
Office de tourisme Châlons en Champagne 3 quai des Arts