Parc de l'Ailette - Aqua Mundo CHAMOUILLE


Parc de l'Ailette - Aqua Mundo


A tropical pool awaits!

Enjoy the many activities Aqua Mundo has to offer with your family or friends, in water that stays at 29°...

Water fights in the Water Tree, slides, water guns, a 400-litre bucket that can spill over at any moment, the current of the wild river and hot tubs – welcome to Aqua Mundo.

The Domaine du Lac d'Ailette is also a magnificent 140-hectare lake with its own port village, boats and sandy beach, multiple play areas, restaurants and more. There is also a "Center Parcs" for a romantic weekend or week!

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Parc de l'Ailette - Aqua Mundo
1 Parc Nautique de L'Ailette