Palais du Tau REIMS


Palais du Tau


A royal place, from top to "tau"

Here's a place that is truly fit for a king, abounding in exquisite collections.

Once the palace of the Archbishops of Reims, it was home to the King and his court for several days during the coronation. It burned down around the same time as Reims Cathedral during World War I and was not rebuilt until 1950.

Inside, you will find sculptures, engravings, tapestries and other religious gold-plated objects associated with the coronations of the Kings of France.

From the robe of King Charles X, to the chalice and crown, these coronation treasures might make some lose their heads!

An abundant gift shop that will delight lovers of fine books and art as well as those budding knights out there!

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Palais du Tau
2 place du Cardinal Luçon
51100 REIMS