Le Petit Jard


Three Gard(ens)!

A sensory, visual trilogy, which makes these three "gards" an ideal place to take a walk in the heart of Châlons-en-Champagne. Le Petit Jard, a bit like an arboretum with surprising botanical varieties and providing a splendid floral setting for your walk, before passing through Le Grand Jard, a French-style garden, advocating perfect symmetry with its great shady alleys and bandstand dating back to the 18th century, then finishing with Le Jard Anglais and its ponds at the base of the canal footbridge, a reflection of unspoilt nature...

Highlight: Its gardens have been classified historical monuments since 1929, and new history could be written very soon as the alleys are set to be enhanced with lights, and the interior renovated in summer 2015.

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Le Petit Jard
Boulevard Victor Hugo