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Hostellerie La Briqueterie


Brick by brick...

An exquisite setting in the Champagne countryside... La Briqueterie (the brickworks), a Michelin-starred establishment in Vinay, will make your mouth water and literally put stars in your eyes.

A bar and its red velvet club chairs, and in the same vein two elegant dining rooms with impeccably decorated white tablecloths, heavy, flamboyant fabrics, a gleaming chandelier and a superb window area overlooking the hotel's wooded grounds. The majestic décor and the fine, subtle cuisine both work their charm.

Pavé de biche (venison steak), Opéra cake... classics of French cuisine that take on a unique character in this extraordinary place. It's as if time has been suspended... You could get used to the Champagne lifestyle...

La Briqueterie turns 40 this year and offers a €40 set menu, which if you also happen to be celebrating your 40th birthday is on the house!
One star for the thousands of stars in your eyes...

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Hostellerie La Briqueterie
4 route de Sézanne
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