Maison de Champagne de Castellane EPERNAY


Maison de Champagne de Castellane


The Tower of Castellane is to Champagne what the Tower of Babel is to biblical stories…

Once upon a time on the famous Avenue de Champagne there lived a man, Viscount Florens de Castellane, who was able to make this champagne, a symbol of sharing and unity regardless of the language spoken.

The champagne of the Parisian smart set in the 1900s, it bears the cross of St. Andrew in honour of the Champagne region's oldest regiment.

But one thing is certain, after climbing the 237 steps of the tower your heart will bubble over in awe of the breathtaking panorama looking out over Epernay and the Marne Valley!

Tour including access to the museum on Champagne traditions and the printing museum.

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Maison de Champagne de Castellane
63 avenue de Champagne