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Champagne Demoiselle

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Champagne Louis de Sacy

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Au Petit Comptoir

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Champagne Vincent Gobert

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Atelier d'Art Surugue - Les sculptures du Der

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Le Cochon à Plumes

Champagne at your fingertips!

Here you will find our favourites and truly great deals, with our greeters and locals who are passionate about the Champagne region in the Marne!

Also, find out all about the men and women of Champagne with these profiles of tourism service providers. They introduce their business and interests in just a few lines, holding great promise for unforgettable experiences...


Dominique et Edith Brochet Lanvin

"One can walk through the garden of Presle , freely , alone or with

«Remarkable Gardens of France»

Claire Dépalle

"A dip in the heart of revolutionary events ..."

Karine Anciaux et Julien Agnellet

"Our gardeners work garden produce for the chef..."

Arnaud Lallement

"I strive to make a very right food, very neat, on the thread of

Hélène Méhault

Today, the are no longer any direct witnesses of the Great War left,

Xavier Thibaut

A popping candy praline : you let it melt in your mouth and the taste