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Chocolaterie Thibaut


You'll absolutely melt...

Surrounded by subtle, delicious aromas, discover the wonderful world of chocolate!

After visiting the production workshop, still intoxicated by the smell of chocolate, you will know all about it, from the cocoa beans right up to the bar of chocolate... And finally, an oh-so-sweet tasting of the House's speciality will be offered free of charge.

To ease your conscience after this gourmet tour, you can visit the Pierry vineyards on an electric scooter!

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« A popping candy praline : you let it melt in your mouth and the taste of the praline gives way to an explosion of crackles. »

Coup de projecteur

Xavier Thibaut

Chocolaterie Thibaut


Chocolaterie Thibaut
Pôle d'Activité Saint-Julien 14 Allée Maxenu
51530 PIERRY

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