L'Escargot des Grands Crus BOUZY


L'Escargot des Grands Crus


Snails coming right up!

The Dauvergne family farms and nurtures snails. The farm for Daddy Dauvergne, the nursery for Mummy Dauvergne – that's right, because just like for your little ones, you have to make sure they grow up right!

A visit where you'll find out everything you ever wanted to know about snails!

Drop by the shop – French cuisine – the history of snails available right in your plate. Tasting not to be missed: Escargotine with ratafia, a snail-based spread to be enjoyed at a snail's pace...

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L'Escargot des Grands Crus
Chemin Départemental 34
51150 BOUZY