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Champagne Roger Coulon


"Coulon", calm and collected...

Here the vines are pampered, and the golden rule is clear: the work fits in with nature and not the wishes of the winemaker!

Discover a respectful approach, an estate and its wines, including "Esprit de Vrigny" (spirit of Vrigny), which symbolically – through a balanced blend of three grape varieties – is the one that perhaps best represents the Coulon family style.

And if the vineyards inspire you, you can even stay in the guest house called "Le Clos des Terres Soudées", in reference to a wine production deeply rooted in the land itself.

Antique furniture and objects tell the story of the eight generations that lived within these walls!

A tour of the vineyards, thematic workshops and harvesting days may be on offer.

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Champagne Roger Coulon
12 rue de la vigne du roy Clos des Terres Soudées
51390 VRIGNY