Le "K-Reims" Kabaret Champagne Music-hall TINQUEUX


Le "K-Reims" Kabaret Champagne Music-hall


Au Kabaret, to Kabaret...

The Kabaret Champagne Music-Hall will enchant you with a performance lasting over two hours: variety show, magic, songs, comedy, dance, circus arts, and more.

Experience the magical moment when the lead dancer and her K-Girls appear on stage to give you a breathtaking show!

Spur of the moment soirée? Rather than a dinner show, go for a champagne show! Depending on availability, you may have the chance to watch the show with a glass of champagne in hand...

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Le "K-Reims" Kabaret Champagne Music-hall
18 rue Nicolas Appert Z.I. Moulin de l'écaille