Centre d'Interprétation Marne 14-18 SUIPPES


Centre d'Interprétation Marne 14-18


It's all a question of interpretation...

Immerse yourself in the Great War and interactively relive the daily life of a soldier or civilian during the conflict!

Featuring seven themed scenes, the centre has an atmosphere and emotion that will leave you with an indelible scar, just like all the "poilus" (soldiers).

A reconstruction of a trench with sound effects – soldiers' cries, machine gun bullets that reach your eardrums, projections above your head – you'll need to be battle-hardened!

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« Today, the are no longer any direct witnesses of the Great War left, and memory evolves towards history. »

Coup de projecteur

Hélène Méhault

Centre d'interprétation de Suippes


Centre d'Interprétation Marne 14-18
4 ruelle Bayard BP31

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