Statue du Pape Urbain II CHATILLON-SUR-MARNE


Statue du Pape Urbain II


Urban legend...

Erected in 1887 in the hills of Châtillon-sur-Marne in tribute to a "son of the soil", this colossal statue rises to 33 metres and can be seen for miles around.

If you're going to retain one fact about Pope Urban II, aka "Eudes de Châtillon" (before becoming pope), let it be that he preached for the first crusade to Jerusalem in 1096. You will also see a Jerusalem cross resting on the only remaining wall of the fortified castle.

The viewpoint indicator looking out over the Marne Valley and, even better, the panoramic view that goes with it...

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Statue du Pape Urbain II
4, rue de l'église