Jardin de l'Abbaye de Trois Fontaines TROIS-FONTAINES-L'ABBAYE


Jardin de l'Abbaye de Trois Fontaines


So romantic...

Don't miss out on a tour of one of the most romantic "ruins" of the Marne... This ancient abbey – founded in 1118 by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux – and its grounds welcome you for a timeless stroll.

You'll pass the big gate with railings, the main courtyard, the arcade with 10 arches, then take a stroll in the grounds where rare species of trees can be found protecting fountains and statues... In spring, if you're lucky you may even see a magnificent magnolia, declared the most beautiful tree in Champagne-Ardenne 2013!

Inside the 18th century building, another curiosity, the cycle museum exhibits is amazing bicycles.

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Jardin de l'Abbaye de Trois Fontaines
Association des Amis de l'Abbaye