Auberge De Saint-Fergeux BLANCS-COTEAUX


Auberge De Saint-Fergeux


It's always bustling at St. Fergeux...

How could you possibly miss this gorgeous inn?

Nelly's produces divine duck foie gras (the ducks are raised and prepared on site), and the duck rillette was even awarded a silver medal at the Concours Général Agricole in 2013.

You dine in a rustic setting, surrounded by the aromas of good local cuisine that uses lashings of butter and crème fraîche. But one thing cannot be emphasised enough – here foie gras is king, so try the sautéed foie gras and you'll see why...

Nelly's inn is also Béa's shop with its farm produce preserves, a large park for children, Finnish chalets where you can taste baeckeoffe and cheese fondue (in the right season) and not to forget the Champagne region's take on fondue... with duck breast no less!

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Auberge De Saint-Fergeux
24 rue de la Crolière